• Added: 13th February 2020
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VK Watermelon: The Bae’s Top Tips for Self-Care

We don’t know about you, but we’re always working and playing hard – with a few VK’s thrown in for good measure – and we forget to take 10 minutes to ourselves. If you feel like you need a year long trip to a spiritual retreat far, far away, then don’t you worry! We’ve got you hun, with our top self-care tips, to leave you feeling your best self.

Bath Time

Bit obvious, but still a good shout. Get that hot water flowing along with so many essential oils your housemate mistakes the bathroom for Lush. All you need is some sleepy spa tunes and watch your worries meltaway, and if we’re being honest a bath is the perfect excuse for doing nothing.

Take Care of Your Skin

Did you know your skin is your bodies largest organ? As far as we’re concerned, this means taking time out to focus on your skincare regime is equivalent to a good old gym sesh. Take 10 minutes before bed to apply some body lotion or kick back with a face mask, and your skin will definitely thank you.

Go You!

Be proud of yourself, we bet you do nice things all time! Keep a note of all the good stuff you’ve done. Smiled at that old lady on the bus, write it down. Complimented your mum on her new hair, write it down. Held your friend’s hair back when they were throwing up, you’ve guessed it, write it down.

Plan a Friend Date

Grab your BFF and a VK mixed pack, for a match made in heaven. This is the ultimate time to vent it out and get it off your chest. We hate to admit it, but sometimes we need that tough love that only a best friend can bring.

Hit the Sheets

We’ve all been there, you need about 1,000 hours more sleep and no amount of coffee in the world can save you. But here’s the good news, you can literally snooze your way through self-care! Having a good sleep lets your brain reset so you’re ready to take on the next day. FYI, this is a great excuse to get out of any upcoming plans.