• Added: 30th January 2020
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VK Tropical Fruits: The Party Animals Guide to The Best Party

The British house party is iconic, we’ve all been there, done that, got the t-shirt and rolled in at 8am. The best parties are legendary, but with legendary status comes great responsibility. If you want to throw a house party that’s not just ‘good’, but ‘unbelievably, once in a life time good’ then you’re in the right place, because here at VK we know how to partaay!

Let’s Talk Invites

The first step to throwing the best party is invites! Worst case scenario it’s just you and your mates having a sad night in. Get your date out ahead of time, invite friends from different social circles like work, Uni or even that friend you made on a random night out. Just remember, no matter how desperate, don’t create an open invite on social, unless you want end up on the news with 500 randoms in your house and a visit from the po-po.

Craft the Perfect Playlist

What does every great night have in common? Great Tunes is the answer, if you don’t want your party to be a flop you need the sickest tunes – this doesn’t include your guilty pleasures playlist (until much later in the night anyway!). Spotify and a Bluetooth speaker will be your best friends on your quest to becoming the party DJ.


Get ahead of the game and get your snacks ready for those drunken munchies. Crisps, popcorn or any sort of party food should do the trick and satisfy your peckish guests, it also means you won’t be reaching for the bread to feed your friend who’s had a few too many.

Getting Boozy

Alcohol and house parties go hand in hand like VKs and a legendary night out. Obviously, guests will bring their own drinks, but to make your party is next level it’s a good idea to get extra booze! We’re thinking some VKs and shots should do the trick. Not only will your fellow party goers love you, you’ll probably have leftovers for your next big night out.

Let’s Mingle

Booze and great tunes don’t just make a party, the people do. In order to gain your legendary party status, you’ve got to get people having fun! You do whatever you’ve got to do, whether that’s dragging people to the dance floor or initiating a game of limbo or never have I ever, just be ready to go first and give it your all.

Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy yourself, throwing the perfect party is hard work and you deserve to reap those rewards! You’ve saved endless carpet stains, helped those a little worse for wear and made sure everyone’s had the best time! Have fun and feel a little bit smug knowing you’ve smashed it.