• Added: 23rd January 2020
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VK Strawberry & Lime: The Flirts Guide to Dating

Navigating the tough world of dating is hard work, full of ups and downs and those embarrassing moments we’ve pushed deep down in our minds! We know not everyone can play the game as well as Strawberry & Lime and not everyone has chat up lines for days, but don’t stress! Here’s a few pointers to get your flirt on.

Be Yourself

We’re sure your mum is always banging on about this, but it’s important to be yourself. You want someone to like you for being you, weird quirks, verbal diarrhoea and all. In the true words of Ru Paul, ‘if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’

Online vs Offline

You do you when it comes to dating, whether that’s swiping left or right, or giving it your all on the dance floor. You should go with whatever makes you feel like your best self, there’s someone out there for everyone and someone is guaranteed to love your cheesy GIFs.

It’s a Big No

We don’t want to put a downer on things, but usually dating your flatmate or someone from your friendship group might not be your best idea. It works for some, and if it does you’ve cracked it! But for the rest of us – who’s lives don’t represent an episode of Friends – it can leave tension and a whole lot of awkwardness.

First Dates

First dates don’t have to be fancy, being real here, we’re all a bit skint and don’t have cash to be splashing. It’s the thought that counts and you can still have fun on a budget, Netflix and chill probably isn’t the best first date but cooking a romantic meal definitely is.

Getting Flirty

To some it comes naturally, to others it makes us do and say some weird stuff, however if you want your date to know you like them, you’ve got to get flirty. Making eye contact is a great way to show your interest, just be careful you’re not giving off crazy person vibes. Follow this with a dazzling smile and some small barely-there touches to leave your date feeling some type of way.