• Added: 16th January 2020
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VK Apple & Mango: The Nerds Guide to Revision

With January exams in full swing, VK are on hand to provide some useful and handy tips to help you get the most from your revision, ensuring you smash your exams whilst still having time for a VK or two.

Get Organised

This may sound silly, but planning ahead what subjects you are going to stuck will really get your head in the game and keep you on track. Try knuckling down for a solid 20-30 minutes before having a well-earned 5-10 minute break – just enough time for a cuppa and a flick through Insta – this way your brain will be working at its absolute best, you can really focus in on what you’re doing, and you’re never too far away from your next break!

Location, Location, Location

You’re almost mastered winning at revision! Your next step is to find a nice quiet place to let your brain do its thing, places like your bedroom or local library will help you get into the zone, unlike your student union’s bar.

Make It Colourful

Don’t let your notes let you down, no one wants to be reading though pages of boring black and white text! Add some colour by highlighting any key words, not only does this help your notes to sink it, it gives you a great excuse to stock up on some fancy stationary.

Let’s Get Physical

Even during an intense study sesh, you’ve got to keep moving. We know it’s probably the last thing you fancy doing – but hear us out – a quick jog or sweaty HIIT session is just what your body and mind needs to continue feeling chilled and productive.

Enjoy Some Me-Time

Let’s talk about balance, whether that’s trying to balance your takeaway to vegetable ratio or trying to manage your social life during exams prep. Your new-found revision skills should help you find the right balance, to leave you feeling happier and stress-free. After all, we’re sure you deserve to let your hair down with a few Apple & Mango VKs!