• Added: 22nd January 2020
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Going out less often, leading a healthy lifestyle, and expensive drinks – the main reasons why drinkers are cutting down on alcohol

Younger generations are cutting down on alcohol, with 1/3 of people drinking less than they did 12 months ago.

The key reasons for this include going out less often (43%), trying to get fit (30%) and saving money (27%).

Whether drinking alcohol or not, 60% of millennials like their drinks to look good for social media, with 75% of them posting regular photos of them.

British drinkers are swapping strong cocktails, for low ABV spirits or sophisticated soft drinks, and they need to look instagrammable.

With the growing trend towards leading a healthy lifestyle, people are being more mindful than ever before about their alcohol consumption. Drinking less, and choosing quality over quantity when it comes to ingredients and measures. One third of people are drinking less than they did twelve months ago. Another third intend to cut down over the next twelve months, with the trend set to extend beyond dry January.