• Added: 9th September 2019
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Franklin & Sons wins 8 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2019, achieving Great Taste Producer status.

Great Taste, the
world’s most coveted food and drink awards, has announced the stars of 2019. Out
of 12,772 products sent in from over 100 different
countries, Franklin & Sons has been awarded a total of 8 stars, which highlights
the excellent performance for the innovative range of soft drinks and tonics.

& Sons is a multi-award-winning brand in the Great Taste Awards, stacking
up an impressive 25 stars in total across 14 uniquely crafted soft drinks,
tonics and mixers within four years. The brand now holds the credible ‘Great
Taste Producer’ status, being recognised for years of outstanding quality and
exceptional taste.

The Franklin
& Sons Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water with Bergamot achieved a 2-star
Great Taste award, which means judges labelled it above and beyond delicious. The
panel wrote “This has beautiful notes of citrus pink grapefruit with smokey
floral back notes on the palate. The balance of sour grapefruit with bitter
quinine works very well – it’s balanced and thought through. This is a
refreshing and zingy tonic, yet it’s still delicate and would complement many
gins and vodkas.”

& Sons also won six 1-star Great Taste Awards for the Rhubarb Tonic
Water with Hibiscus, Rosemary Tonic Water with Black Olive,
Natural Indian Tonic Water, Natural Light Tonic Water, Ginger Beer & Malted
Barley with a Squeeze of Lemon, and British Dandelion & Handpicked Burdock
with Star Anise.

The Rhubarb Tonic Water with Hibiscus achieved comments such as “a stunning colour with the perfect pale pink rhubarb blush and a fresh fruity aroma,” whilst the Natural Indian Tonic Water was described as “an invigorating tonic with a good level of carbonation, and the strong quinine is refreshing. The large bubbles would make for a perfect gin & tonic.”

Crossman, Brand Manager at Franklin & Sons, said, “It’s been an incredible
four years since relaunch. As Great Taste Producers, we are continuing to
innovate to be at the forefront of flavour discovery. This is highlighted by
our accolades for the Flavour Collection, namely the Pink Grapefruit Tonic
Water with Hibiscus being awarded an enviable two stars. Cementing our presence
as the go-to range of tonics and soft drinks, well-loved by consumers and bar
tenders alike up and down the country. Natural flavours and extracts, along
with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives are our focus and we are proud
that the judges loved them as much as we do.”