• Added: 30th October 2017
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Crooked Beverage Co ‘#CrookedReality’ guerrilla campaign set to hit 1.5 million consumers in its key consumer cities

Beginning 30th October running for three weeks, craft alcoholic soda brand Crooked Beverage Co will be taking over four key cities with its #CrookedReality guerrilla postering campaign, targeting the 20-30 year old millennial generation.

Set to kick off from 30th October to 19th of November, 135 large format posters will be placed in vibrant areas in cities renowned for consumers visiting to seek out unique and new experiences, including the Northern Quarter in Manchester and Division Street in Sheffield. These areas are also key for passing trade situated nearby.

Crooked will also be tapping into the re-emerging trend of collecting brand stickers. An additional 50,000 Crooked stickers will be given to trade outlets to familiarise consumers with the Crooked brand.

The campaign is estimated to reach over one million individuals through the 4-sheet posters scattered around Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Brighton. The posters encourage consumers to join the #CrookedReality community online and intrigued consumers will also be served geo-located ads when searching the campaign via the social hashtag. Through this portal, consumers will be able to claim Crooked merchandise and off-trade discount vouchers to trial the product. Social support of the campaign is estimated to reach a further 500K individuals.

Charlie Leaver, Crooked’s Brand Manager states “our national campaign kicks off with a unique marketing approach that takes our message directly to the streets where we can interact with existing and potential customers.

It’s a great complement to our integrated marketing strategy and peaks interest in an otherwise difficult to target audience. This target market seek out experiences that take them away for the norm of everyday life. Inviting these individuals to join us in the world of Crooked creates a real interest and emotive interaction with our brand.”