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Corky’s Schnapps adds Passion Fruit flavour to glitter range

Glitter schnapps brand adds popular Passion Fruit flavour to their existing sparkly range

Capitalising on the growing popularity of cocktails, and the nation’s favourite Passion Fruit Martini[1], Corky’s Schnapps, the only glitter schnapps brand on the market, is adding a Passion Fruit Glitter flavour to its existing range.

Already a staple in the late-night on-trade with glitter flavours Blueberry, Raspberry and Mango, and sour flavours Apple and Cherry, Passion Fruit Glitter adds a unique experience for the consumer whilst tapping into the popular Passion Fruit Martini trend.

Charlie Leaver, Brand Manager at Global Brands, said: ‘The new flavour will encourage fresh cocktail ideas for our customers, whilst providing the consumer with an added extra sparkle to a standard Passion Fruit Martini. We know that the Corky’s consumer enjoys celebrating with cocktails and shots, and Passion Fruit is the on-trend, go-to flavour right now.”

The ever-popular choice for consumers in bars and nightclubs, served as shots and in cocktails; Corky’s is growing at 9% in the on-trade[2]. Further proving its popularity, Corky’s Schnapps ranks 11th in the top 12 liqueurs in the UK on-trade[3], and holds the title of the best ROS of the top 12 liqueur and specialty brands[4].

The new Passion Fruit flavour will join the existing 15% ABV line-up in the on-trade this spring, and will be available to order from the week commencing 1st April.

For more information, or for PR samples, please contact Lauren Brewell on 01246 216031 or at lauren.brewell@globalbrands.co.uk

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