• Added: 8th January 2020
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A VK Guide to Refreshers

The #WEAREVIVID refreshers tour is part of our #WEAREVK campaign, which celebrates VK’s unique range of flavours and their personalities. As part of the campaign we want you to be part of our culture and decide which flavour suits you best! Whether you’re the boss of the group like our classic Blue, or a true party animal like Tropical Fruits.

Decide which flavour you are below:


Warwick Students Union
11th January 2020


Q Club
13th January 2020


Why Not Nightclub
15th January 2020


Fubar Nightclub
16th January 2020


Glasgow University Union
18th January 2020


DUSA The Union
21st January 2020


24th January 2020


The Garage
25th January 2020


Idols Bar
29th January 2020


Gravity Nightclub
3rd February 2020


Soda Lounge
5th February 2020


The Vestry
14th February 2020

Blue – The Boss

The boss, the one and only. The leader of the squad, you organise the party’s and keep the group together.

Watermelon – The Bae

You are the centre of attention and often seen on the dance floor. Your sweet personality means you always have an invite to the party and your sour kick gets everyone of the dance floor, and you always dress to impress.

Black Cherry – The Dark Horse

You are the mysterious one of the group, you always look glam and leave when it’s time to go home.

Strawberry & Lime – The Flirt

You know the game, and you know it well. You are passionate and playful. You always have a story to tell. You are full of energy and never afraid.

Apple & Mango – The Nerd

You might like your books and computers, but you still know how to enjoy a night out. You offer your advice and look out for the group.

Tropical Fruits – Party Animal

The queen bee of the party! You’re a truly tropical sensation, the perfect exotic blend, you bring the hotness to the party. You are the party starter.

Orange & Passion Fruit – The Class Clown

No one else is as funny as you and you know it. Your juicy breeze of humour is the best accompaniment for a night out. You’re up on the stage with a VK in hand before anyone even starts dancing. You are the friendly one always chatting to everyone.

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