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12 Days Of The Finest Christmas Cocktails


With the festive season almost upon us, we have partnered with leading bars; Savage
Garden, The Hide Bar, 68 & Boston and Apples & Pears, to create 12 bespoke cocktails for the
12 Days of Christmas.

expert mixologists have revolutionised and shaken up traditional cocktails to ensure your plans
remain sophisticated and savvy this festive season. Whether it be a pink G&T, a wintery espresso
martini, to a bubbly floral delicacy, Franklin & Sons stylish drinks list will keep you sorted for the
12-day countdown to Christmas, ensuring the season stays merry and bright.

To get you in the mood:


Nothing says party like an espresso martini, particularly one that’s
home-made. The drinks mixes Hide Bar’s very own espresso
martini mix and combines Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic.
£9 available at The Hide Bar


Buckle up this season with a cocktail full of layers of sweet, savoury
heat! With Hendrick’s Gin, St George Chilli vodka, Ancho Reyes,
pineapple syrup, lime, and Franklin & Sons Natural Light Tonic,
creates a vibrant, green festive cocktail.
£11.50 available at 68 & Boston

Horny Beast

A refreshing Rum & Gin concoction, mixed with Beefeater Pink
Gin, Aluna Coconut rum, almond, lime, green strawberry, smoke
and oak bitters. The cocktail is topped off with Franklin & Sons
Cloudy Apple and Yorkshire Rhubarb with Cinnamon and served
with strawberry, lime and black pepper cracker.
£15 available at Savage Garden

For the refined palate:

Bitter & Twisted

This bittersweet cocktail has a sensational mix of aperitif spirit and
Seedlip spiced non-alcoholic spirit, with Franklin & Sons cloudy
Apple and Rhubarb Soda, presented perfectly for Christmas.
£9 available at Savage Garden

(Pick-Me-Up) On Clapham Common

The perfect floral delicacy, Pick-Me-Up combines Sacred
Cardamom Gin, rose & orange blossom cordial, with Franklin &
Sons Sicilian Lemonade and Elderflower and crushed Juniper.
£10 available at The Hide Bar

Pear & Yuzu

Made for a whisky connoisseur who is looking for something a bit
different. Mixing Monkey Shoulder whisky with citrus yuzu, the
drink is completed with Perry Cider pear cordial, Franklin & Sons
Scottish Soda Water, Gingerbread and Italicus Rosolio di
£12 available at 68 & Boston

For the sweet tooth:

Sloe G&T:

Berry-rich and bright with the combination of Sipsmith Sloe Gin
and Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic.
Garnished with a lemon this is a creative and sweeter festive
alternative to the beloved G&T.
£12 available at The Hide Bar

Cranberry & Earl Grey

Twist the elements of Christmas tradition with Cross Keys Gin,
Grand Marnier, cranberry & earl grey cordial. Finish with Franklin
& Sons Grapefruit Tonic with Bergamot and a slice of lemon.
£12 available at 68 & Boston

LoneWolf G&T

This light and refreshing drink combines LoneWolf Gin and
Franklin & Sons Rhubarb Tonic with Hibiscus with a garnish of
grapefruit peel. Guaranteed to get you in the festive mood and
the perfect aperitif before Christmas dinner.
£15 available at Savage Garden

Tradition with a twist:

Elderflower & Hendricks

Simple yet so, very tasty. A classic mix of Hendrick’s Gin, Franklin
& Sons Elderflower Tonic with Cucumber but garnished with a
rose petal and cucumber. Why mess with perfection?
£11 available at Apples & Pears

Mediterranean Mare

Give your Christmas a Spanish twist with a savory take on a classic
G&T. Inspired by Mediterranean culture, Gin Mare mixes perfectly
with Franklin & Sons Rosemary Tonic with Black Olive with a
garnish of grapefruit peel and a sprig of rosemary.
£11 available at Apples & Pears

Pink Portobello

Portobello Road Gin, Franklin & Sons Pink Grapefruit Tonic with
Bergamot, grapefruit has a citrusy bitterness from the zest, with
refreshing light sweetness of the pink grapefruit, which goes
swimmingly with Portobello Road’s Gin.
£11 available at Apples & Pears