Jane Houghton

Recruitment and Staff Development

How long have you been with Global Brands?
I started my career in Global Brands back in 2009, so coming up to 8 years now.

Why did you decide to work at Global Brands?
Global Brands found me. I had recently returned from living in New Zealand and Australia and was at a crossroads in my life wondering what to do next. I’d had three pretty successful careers already and wanted to live and work in a thriving company close to where I was making my new home in beautiful Derbyshire. I applied for a mysterious sounding role placed by a recruitment consultant “Looking after one of Derbyshire’s top entrepreneurs”. Not being a local I’d never heard of Steve or Global Brands and after living most of my life overseas I didn’t even know what a VK was. The shame!

How would you describe your time at Global Brands?
Varied, fast-paced, fun and challenging. There is a lot packed into that statement but that really represents what has been packed in to my 8 years here.

How has your career progressed over your time at Global Brands?
I originally joined the company to work for the founder and Chairman Steve Perez as his PA on a maternity leave cover. Eventually I became a permanent member of staff and gradually the scope of my role grew as Steve recognised I had brought with me a wide range of experience and skills gathered along my career journey. About three years ago I started managing some of the recruitment for Global Brands alongside my PA role. In my last role in Government I specialised in recruitment, training and development and had studied on the CIPD programme. I rekindled my enjoyment of being involved in this critical part of developing and molding the team for our future success. This year I moved into my Recruitment and Staff Development role full time and we have now recruited a great successor to me as Steve’s PA.

How has Global Brands changed since you began working here?
When I started work here we were based in rather unglamorous surroundings in an office attached to a large warehouse in Clay Cross. We all knew that a move to our super new offices based within CASA hotel was on the cards for 2010. We were a much smaller team in 2009 but, amazingly, a lot of those people who were there then are still with us now and that is a great testament to the company.

What is the best thing about working at Global Brands?
Free drinks?! Joking… it is the fact that we are always evolving and developing, looking for something new. Take our new product Crooked – named after Chesterfield’s famous crooked spire – it is a brand-new concept and totally designed and produced here in Global Brands. A lot of talent and effort went into developing it and it is a real team result.