Charlie Leaver

High Energy Brand Manager

1. How long have you been with Global Brands?
I have worked at Global Brands for just over three years, I started Jan 4th 2016. The Christmas party was on the 8th Jan that year, so it was quite the baptism of fire!

2. Why did you decide to work at Global Brands?
I was working within the industry and looking for a new role, Global seemed like a really exciting place to work and I was a massive VK fan as a teenager so I was excited to get my hands on lots of VK. It’s also unusual to find a big drinks business this side of Watford Gap so I knew I wanted to get a job here!

3. How would you describe your time at Global Brands?
Busy! There’s never a quiet moment and there’s always something to be working on. It ensures time flies, and you’re never bored. However, it’s still relaxed, there’s a good atmosphere in the office and the open plan environment is nice to work in. You’re given enough freedom to get on with things and forge your own path but also feel part of a team and the support is there if you need it. Also, working here has enabled me to see so much of the UK, driving to lot’s of different locations for days in trade or different events.

4. How has your career progressed over your time at Global Brands?
I started as Assistant Brand Manager managing Amigos and then took on other brands over time including Jungfrau – I ended up running a festival
sponsorship in the French Alps for 10 days which was pretty fun. I was promoted to Brand Manager and helped to develop Crooked Beverage Co Alcoholic Soda which was a really rewarding project. I’ve just recently taken over management of the High Energy team and portfolio of brands which is a great new

5. How has Global Brands changed since you began working here?
We are planning miles ahead and the quality of work is really fantastic. And we’ve developed so many incredible products in just the three years I’ve been here. I think the output of the department and the business as a whole is really fantastic.

6. What is the best thing about working at Global Brands?
The people! There are some really great, talented, hardworking people here. You spend most of your week with your colleagues so it’s important you get on with them and I have always found it to be a really chilled and friendly place to work. I only wish we didn’t all have to drive here so we could have more after work drinks! But I always look forward to the summer and Christmas parties which are a great chance to socialise with our colleagues.