Traditionally British alcoholic brews

Hooper’s offers hard-working, bread and butter Brits a true taste of retro British culture, delivering the refreshing flavour consumers have been longing for, combined with a warming reminiscence of their British heritage. The whole-hearted comfort and authentic British taste are encompassed by our brand message ‘Tastes Just Like,’ which is centered around bringing back happy memories of uniquely British experiences.

We have the only Alcoholic Dandelion & Burdock on the market; a sparkling alcoholic drink inspired by the traditional process of fermenting dandelions and burdock thistle roots to deliver a burst of tantalising fruitiness and tones of aniseed which blend to a subtle, spicy finish. Traditionally served with Fish & Chips or Bangers & Mash.

Our range also includes Plum & Sloe; which uses natural British ingredients and delivers true refreshment. The rich autumnal tones of plum are perfectly balanced by the dry, fragrant infusion of sloes. Ideal partnered with a pie or crumble.


Product Information

Variant SKUs
Dandelion & Burdock 12x500ml NRB
12x250ml can
Plum & Sloe 12x500ml NRB
Root Beer 12x500ml NRB
Cloudy Lemonade 12x500ml NRB
Ginger Brew 12x500ml NRB

Nutritional info:

  • Certified as gluten free

ABV: 4%

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